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Jam Vibes Broadcasting Network is

dedicated to Christian based entertainment through

education and network support services. 

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Jam Vibes Creations is a company ready to assist you in getting your brand and product in front of a fast-growing social media audience. No matter the access, laptop, smart phone, or any other mobile device or your smart TV videos are everywhere educating, informing, and enlightening us all on what the consumer market has to offer. Click the Jam Vibes Creation logo above too few our portfolio and see samples of what we can do for you.

Linton and Louise Smith (Owners)
Jam Vibes Broadcasting  Network LLC is dedicated to Christian based entertainment through education and network support services. We can help Pastors, Churches, Businesses, Entrepreneurs, Show Hosts, Musical Artists and anyone else that needs a platform to spread your message. Let us help guide your promotional efforts from commercial spots to having your own channel running 24 hours.