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Any Questions please call 803 760 4159

Jam Vibes Broadcasting Network (JVBN) is a platform that is committed to  promoting Christian-based entertainment with a focus on education and network support services. Our primary aim is to inspire people to develop a love for Christ and others. We are constantly evolving our efforts to increase exposure for our clients and JVBN. Our goal is to stand out in a way that provides content creators with exposure and viewers with the opportunity to experience a wide range of content. We also collaborate with other content creators to achieve this goal, as we recognize that we can achieve more together than alone. Lastly, we have customized our fees to ensure that even those on the tightest budget can benefit from our services. Join us in spreading love through Christian entertainment.

Content Creator Opportunities 


Content Creator Fee Base For Time Slots (This is mainly for shows and infomercials)

You provide your content already with ads embedded in your content.  You only pay for a time slot.

55 minute $55

30 minute $40

15 minute $30 

(Please note additional charges may apply depending on any setup labour involved)


Content Creator Fee for Commercials run on JVBN. 

Plan A

Content Creator supplies the content without ads and our sales staff sells the ads and the split is JVBN 50% you 50%.

Plan B

Content Creator supplies the content with ads they keep 60% pre-sold ad revenue, and we get 40% of pre-sold amount.

At JVBN, we take our commitment to broadcasting high-quality content seriously. As such, all content must be reviewed by our staff before it can be aired. This process is designed to ensure that all content meets broadcast regulations and aligns with the mission and values of JVBN. We understand that this may cause some delays in the airing of your content, but we believe that it is a necessary step to maintain the quality and integrity of our programming. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter.

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